The Ultimate Solution for Overcoming Construction Cost and Time Challenges

Building CATALYST is designed for owners and industry leaders ready and willing to try a data-driven, win-win approach to solving construction's excessive cost and time challenges.

End Skyrocketing Construction Costs

The Solution Requires Bold Leaders and Innovators
Based on a proven management philosophy, Building CATALYST brings a data-driven (objective) knowledge system to solve this problem. Its now up to owners and innovators among design and construction leaders to embrace and run with.

Never, has the opportunity been so great to integrate, automate, and drive out decades of accumulated waste. That waste is waiting to be turned into lower cost for owners, and greater return-on-effort for designers and builders. We promise an exciting, win-win, step-by-step journey!

For Owners & Owner Reps

Let us show you the power of Building CATALYST. There is no charge for the first project. We will:
  • Produce a comparative analysis of your program, design, and budget. We will show you how your project compares to the market.
  • Identify where the problems and opportunities exist to achieve the most stable outcomes and to minimize risk.
  • Run multiple building solutions to best balance your project's scope and budget.
  • Present strategies and an implementation plan to start eliminating layers of waste in time and cost.
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For Architects

Building CATALYST supports your mission to improve client value and to design a more sustainable built environment by:
  • Informing the space program based on market data.
  • Rapid, set-based, planning to balance the project requirements, scope, and budget.
  • Rewarding you for more sustainable and cost-effective design solutions.
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For Builders

Replace construction's fragmented state with an integrated and automated knowledge system. You bring the expertise, and we bring the data standards and computing engine to:
  • Respond to RFPs with insights and knowledge that neither the owner nor architect have access to.
  • Show why and how owners can engage with you earlier. Show more certain and more optimal outcomes.
  • Support a win-win culture that matches your intrinsic desire to beat your own standards.
  • Create a systematic and measurable process and value improvement process throughout your organization.
  • Produce a greater return on effort and ease the problem of hard-to-find people.
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Harness The Power of Data

Reducing uncertainty, risk, and waste requires an objective knowledge and measurement system. Knowledge is acquired when predictions become true. There's no better, or more exciting, way to experience the power of knowledge than harnessing your data and putting it to immediate use. Here are the steps.
CATALYST is as good as the data that forms the basis for predictions. The best data comes from you. We can convert your dead data into a living knowledge resource to drive certainty and improvement.
Transform your planning process to first stabilize, then optimize, project outcomes. From feasibility studies to cost management, CATALYST brings certainty, impartiality, and reliability to your operations.
Transformed planning leads to measurable quality, process, and value improvement. CATALYST enables you to apply a win-win contracting strategy that rewards reduction of waste in time and cost.
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Explore Catalyst

Building CATALYST has recorded, analyzed, and/or been applied to over 600 projects, from more that 20 builders, across 40 states. Enjoy exploring CATALYST. Then contact us when you are ready to start the journey.

Why Catalyst

Explore why something like Catalyst is needed, why it has taken so long to produce, and how it can truly catalyze a long-awaited defragmentation process.

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How Catalyst Works

Take a tour under-the-hood to see how the Catalyst converts our fragmented preconstruction approach and processes into a powerful system of critical data.

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Catalyst Outcomes

Take a tour of the outputs that Catalyst generates. Catalyst produces more reliable outputs in real time compared to the weeks it takes using conventional methods.

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